Spiritual Type?

I'm into tradition, orderliness, words & literature, and theology. My spiritual type is "sage." What is yours?



Blogger BruceA said...

I'm a mystic.

10:35 PM, September 06, 2008  
Blogger Daniel McLain Hixon said...

After re-reading the descriptions, I'm betting that I am probably borderline "mystic" too, since much of this description also fits me.

Also, I read the "lover" and thought this sounded like whole chunks of (espeically evangelical) Christianity. I wonder if perhaps people of similar 'spiritual types' tend to gravitate toward one another and form churches that reflect their type...

8:09 AM, September 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a lover. Does that fit your theory of different types gravitating to certain churches? --Bethany

12:25 AM, September 09, 2008  
Blogger Daniel McLain Hixon said...

or maybe certain kinds of churches tend to produce certain sorts of Christian spiritual types?

8:41 AM, September 09, 2008  
Blogger Wesley said...

Sage here, but like others I think borderline mystic.

4:21 PM, September 16, 2008  

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