Democrats listen to religious voices

Here is an interesting article. The Democrats invited a number of religious leaders - including some genuine travellers in evangelical circles like Donald Miller and the head Bishop of the Assemblies of God Church, along with Orthodox Jews and others who may even disagree with Democrats on various issues to speak at a religious leaders caucus meeting at the Convention this week. The religious leaders were allowed to speak freely and that is exactly what they did, going beyond merely pointing out how religious faith informs Democratic values, but also challenging Democrats where the party's values and the faith of the speakers are at odds.

Religious leaders pointed out that the pro-abortion policies of the party and the anti-religious rhetoric by some on the left were very problematic for many people of faith who might otherwise give more serious consideration to Democrats.

I think this is a healthy conversation to be having right now (though perhaps even better in a non-election year?).

One thing that I really like about Barrack Obama is that he seems to really understand and respect the connection that must logically exist between faith/morality and legislation rather than simply dismissing religious political activists or 'value voters' as "theocrats" (as we sometimes here from secular leftists). So this invitation and discussion may be further evidence of that quality.

In reading about political life in some countries of Western Europe, one gets the impression that religious voices are totally marginalized in favor of a secular-inclusive orthodoxy that has little tolerance for religious conscience.

But, as many of the leaders in this article point out, we need not be naive as to why the Democrats have become so interested in listening to religious voices...



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