Two articles on politics

One is just a news brief on some pro-life protesters at the DNC this week. I thought it noteworthy because (it may just be my imagination, but) such pro-life protesters seem to make the news quite rarely. In this case, they wanted to set the world record for largest protest sign with letters that could be seen 10 miles away.

The next is a scholarly article from the New England Journal of Medicine on the Obama and McCain health care reform plans. I just listened to a very interesting interview with the author.
He seems to think that McCain's plan is extremely problematic politically because of the unpopular attempt to shift from employer-funded to private healthcare plans. On the other hand, Obama's plan has the unpopular (potential) mandate which would presumably include some penalties for those who do not sign on (and penalties are not something candidates are eager to discuss) on the one and and, perhaps more importantly, it would require huge increases in spending from an already inflated government enmeshed in deficit spending.

My prediction: Neither one of these plans has a chance of getting through Congress. So it is likely that the candidates will attempt to make them major selling points during the debates.

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Blogger BruceA said...

Regarding health care: Whichever candidate wins, I hope he can at least get Congress to work on real health care reform, and be humble enough to accept a serious reform package even if it doesn't match his original plan.

11:56 PM, August 26, 2008  

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