N.T. Wright gives lecture at National Cathedral

Anglican Bishop of Durham N. T. Wright was in Washington D. C. last Tuesday where he gave a lecture at the National Cathedral about his new book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense which is being billed as a sort of "Mere Christianity for the 21st Century."

The lecture hit on many points including our society's inclination toward Gnosticism (even within Evangelical Churches), the DaVinci Code, and the relationship between the Resurrection of Jesus and the victory of the Kingdom of God as the real core of the Gospel message of the early Church (and a message that makes perfect sense when considered within the context of 1st Century Judaism), as Bishop Wright has argued consistently and passionately.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to attend this lecture had a wonderful trip and very much enjoyed wandering around the enchanting gardens surrounding the Cathedral and attending the sung evening prayer service (evensong) before the lecture.

N.T. Wright is sometimes compared to C.S. Lewis and, while that may be a bit of a misnomer since they are different sorts of scholars, Wright is an articulate spokesman for Classical Christianity that is vital in and for today's world, just as Lewis was a generation ago, and he challenges us to think about ancient things in enriching new ways.

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