New Orleans Vote

Well, the voters are out today in the Big Easy deciding who will be the next mayor of the city. Our options: incompetent and racist incumbant Ray Nagin, running on the "Chocolate City" platform, and long-time political insider and card-carrying member of the corrupt Louisiana political establishment Mitch Landrieu, whose father was the last white mayor of the city back in the 80s (and his sister is the US Senator from Louisiana Mary Landrieu). In my opinion neither one is REALLY what the city needs, though at least Landrieu is likely to be competent. An outsider from the political establishment with more wisdom and ability than Nagin (who is an outsider) is what we need to clean up New Orleans. The streets are covered in mud and debris, the police force is so corrupt one feels like he is in Mexico when he deals with them, and the schools are essentially some of the worst in the Nation. For all the terrible things of that the hurricanes did bring, they also brought something good: an opportunity like none seen in 150 years to bring new life and opportunities into the decedant city. We'll just see what happens...



Anonymous Jim said...

Daniel, Moon was last elected in the mid seventies......been chocolate eveer since.

7:04 PM, July 08, 2006  

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