Lectures: Rowan Williams on Christ's Uniqueness

I am planning to spend more of my free time in the morning watching more serious lectures from theologians and thinkers on YouTube rather than cartoons or re-runs.  The best or most thought-provoking of these I plan to share on this blog - a "Gloria Deo Lecture Series" if you will.  I am not necessarily endorsing all that is said here, but I am holding up some serious thinkers with some deep claims that are worth our attention.  If you have the time to engage with some of these lectures, I hope they will get "the wheels turning" in your head.

The First video is a lecture from Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury on the finality and uniqueness or even the exclusivity of Christ (as expressed in John 14:5-6 and Acts 4:11-12) in a "Pluralistic" World.

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