I couldn't resist this cartoon

OK, this is (like all political cartoons) obviously over the top, but when I saw it I had a great laugh - the kind that is literally out loud - and felt compelled to share.

I don't know too much about the 'nuclear deal' with Iran yet, but from what I have heard
1) we get to inspect their nuclear facilities...but only after giving them 2 weeks prior notice (enough time to hide weaponizing equipment??), and also
2) we did not get any of our citizens back who are imprisoned in Iran (including Christian missionaries)
3) I worry about how Israel will respond if it goes forward - though they may accept it in the end
4) Also, some analysts are already saying that this deal does not actually prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but at best postpones it (presumably until the next Presidential administration, or maybe the one after that).

If all of this is correct (and I hope this is all overly pessimistic), then it sounds like a bad deal to me.  No doubt some will argue - as the administration has done - that what we got was as much as could be realistically hoped for and that almost any deal reduces the likelihood of war.  They are probably exactly right; certainly the diplomats have far more detailed knowledge than I (or the cartoonists) have on all this, and more knowledge of the major players in Iran as well.  And obviously averting even the possibility of a war with Iran or (yet another) conflict in the Middle East should indeed be a high priority.
One does wonder though if we might have been able to "realistically" get a better deal if American foreign policy and international influence did not look so sheepish in recent years.

In any case now the President will try to "sell" Congress on the virtues of this deal.  May the Lord give wisdom and insight to our Congress as they consider ratification.

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Anonymous bthomas said...

The machinations of current administration policy routinely prove the unfailing truth that even in the rarefied atmosphere of kabuki politics, business is business. There is an election on the table. The loose ends of a frayed and now failing foreign policy must be tidied up. The price to be paid... that will be someone else's responsibility. Of course any parallel with a man named Chamberlain is purely coincidental. In the end, it's all just good business.

7:03 AM, July 15, 2015  

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