Becoming "Gospel Catholics" by lifting up the cross

This video is a sermon by Bishop Sutton of the Anglican Church in North America on the preaching of the cross drawing from 1 Corinthians chapter 1:17-21.  He is addressing a gathering of Anglo-catholics (that is, Anglicans who, while not Roman Catholic, do emphasis the catholicity of their tradition) that recently took place in Texas (I had half a mind to try to go, but at least I can watch - and share - some of it online).

He points out that, in this passage Paul equates "preaching the Gospel" with "preaching the cross."  That is a word many of us preachers need to hear again and again.  He also points out that the preaching of the cross is intimately connected to the sacraments - which themselves preach the cross with outward signs rather than with a sermon AND (connected to this) that preaching the cross was how Paul addressed the disunity of the Corinthian believers.  The message of the cruciform Savior and the call to cruciform discipleship in union with Him is God's answer to the tendency of Christians (in our still-fallen nature) toward division.

Interesting and edifying stuff in here.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Bishop Sutton is a bishop in my diocese, and was one of my seminary professors. A tremendously gifted teacher who always makes the riches of the great Tradition sing.

Fr. Jonathan Trebilco
St. Francis Anglican Church
Spring, TX

4:22 PM, November 24, 2015  

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