Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle

"My Lord!" says St. Thomas, seeing, touching, and measuring the Holiness so meekly shown to him in his own crude terms; and then, passing beyond that sacramental revelation to the unseen, untouched, unmeasured, uttering the word every awakened soul longs to utter - "My God!"  The very heart of the Christian revelation is disclosed in that scene.

- Evelyn Underhill (from The School of Charity)

Today (Dec. 21) is celebrated as the feast day of the Apostle Thomas according to the Anglican Prayerbooks and also according to For All the Saints: A Calendar of Commemorations for United Methodists.  Here follows a prayer from page 33 that book:

Lord Jesus, like Thomas we were not in the room with the apostles on the day of Resurrection.  LIke Thomas our faith cries out to you for sight.  Like Thomas, we long for more than rumors.  Help us to believe where we have not seen and to have life in your name.  Amen. 

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