A new (ancient) economic model

As a Christian interested in both environmental and economic sustainability I have in the last few years been interested in the Distributist economic model, as an alternative both the capitalist and communist models that have been the dominant models embraced by nations over the last 100 years or so.  How does Distributism work?  Check out the following video for an informative explanation.


How can we move toward a Distribustist system in our own midst (especially in the commercialized holiday season)?  I suppose the mantra should be "shop local."  Shop at stores or restaurants whose owners you can know personally and who have a stake in your community.  If you want to take your commitment to this model up a notch, you can start a small business or co-op in your community. 

I have a couple of business ideas myself: one day, in addition to being a full-time pastor and full-time academic, I hope to start a coffee-shop/bookstore with an Old World feel (owing to the serious lack of such places in my state).

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Welcome to the Distributist Club!

11:15 PM, December 16, 2012  

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