Missionaries give opportunity for prayer

A saintly young woman once thanked me for passing along a prayer request (which I too seldom do) because it gave her the opportunity to intercede for someone else. Either she saw in the opportunity to pray for a stranger an open door for her own growth into Christlikeness, or she was already so filled with charity she just rejoiced at an opportunity to exercise it. In either case I think that is a wonderful testimony.

So, here is an opportunity for prayer! A United Methodist minister couple, Michael and Sherri Morrissey, are being sent as the denomination's first missionaries to Thailand. There they will partner with a local Independent church to coordinate and plant small groups and churches in this country where Christianity, a tiny minority, is steadily growing. Both attended an evangelical non-Methodist seminary where they were drawn to Wesleyan theology and joined The United Methodist Church. Apparently they then transfered to Asbury to finish up and became clergy members of the Kentucky Annual Conference. I have a feeling they will be great missionaries, and probably not the sort who "forget" to do evangelism.

Also, a small group (including me) from First United Methodist Church in Gonzales, Louisiana will be doing a short medical mission trip in Reynossa, Mexico (through "Volunteers in Mission") starting tommorow (we will do clinics Thursday evening, Friday, and Saturday).



Blogger GBGM Missionaries to Thailand said...

Today, I googled our names, to try to find a website, and then I saw our name on your website. We are grateful for your prayers and thank you for passing it along. There is a great need for Christian witness here in Thailand and the Thai people are open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact us at thailandumc@gmail.com and visit our blog at msmorrissey.blogspot.com

May God Bless You!
Mike and Sherri Morrissey

11:23 PM, January 03, 2007  

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