And I'm still laughing about this

I have a friend at a Baptist seminary taking a "Church planting and re-vitalization class." In that class they watched and discussed a video clip (which she then shared with me) from "King of the Hill" about churches. I think this is HILARIOUS. The writers definitely know what sort of stereotypes/charicatures Christians have about one another (and maybe they are the same ones that non-believers have about different sorts of churches). I have visited churches that bear a resemblance to pretty much all of the churches the Hill family visits and can see the truth behind the joke.

The video also raises some interesting questions that might be worthy of thought or discussion:

-Why do people in America (this story is set in Texas) go to church, and why do church goers "switch" churches? Are these noble reasons?
-What do you think about the way Hank asked his co-workers if they knew a good church and the way they reacted; what might that tell us?
-What are the "pros and cons" of the boyfriend's philosophy of not needing a church but worshiping God everywhere?
-What does this video clip suggest/comment on about the relationship between "church growth strategies" and culture (i.e. Megachurch vs. the Mall, or "TV the way TV was meant to be")? What do you think of this relationship?
-Which of the churches the Hills visited is most like your own?
-Why is this video funny? What does that mean?

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Blogger Stephen said...

Great clip, but I would love to see the rest of it because I know they go back to their "old regular" church which happens to be a Methodist church. King of the Hill creator, Mike Judge is a Methodist. But it does raise questions about what are you looking for in a church? Coffee, Hi-Def Plasma, or something else? I like his boses church the best...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...seen a few similar.

2:53 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good questions in your blog! maybe my professor should consult you the next time he uses this clip for a class!

10:57 PM, September 08, 2006  

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