Great Post on Justification

Even as the World's Methodists signed onto the "Joint Declaration" by the Lutherans and Roman Catholics on the doctrine of Justification, there has been a discussion among catholic bloggers of all denominations as to what the disagreements really are. Here is a fascinating post at Pontifications that contrasts Richard Hooker's view on Justification, Hooker being one of the most important Reforming theologians in the English Church (which has great significance for Methodist theology since Wesley claimed to preach "only the doctrines of the Church of England") with that of the Council of Trent. One things I am becoming convinced of after reading these bloggers is that most Protestants have a mis-conception of what the Roman Church actually teaches (and many Roman Catholics may also) about justification. I am really becoming more interested in this issue and need to do more research since I am not entirely sure I agree with the conventional Lutheran understanding of how justification works.



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