Busted at Mass

A Protestant minister has secretly been receiving communion at a Roman Catholic mass on a regular basis, until one day he gets "busted" at mass.  Read his story here.  He speaks of finding something at the Lord's Supper service of the Catholic church that he felt was often missing in his own church's experience. 

I suspect that "something" was (at least in part) the reverence and passion that accompanies the belief that Christ Almighty is here (in the Supper) and we can experience union with him here.  Though many Protestant churches believe that on paper, we often have many members who do not (either having not been raised in our tradition or simply having had poor teaching).
Another factor in his more affecting experience at mass may simply stem from the fact that sometimes it is easier to appreciate the worship service when we are not in charge of leading it.  I have enjoyed attending weekday services and receiving communion at Anglican/Episcopal churches from time to time for both of these reasons: the service is always reverent, and I don't have to worry as much about what comes next as I do when leading the service myself.

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Blogger Mr. Mcgranor said...

Was he baptized Catholic? Those wayward in such a way, Emergents.

10:07 AM, December 18, 2012  

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