C.S. Lewis Broadcasts

I am pleased to offer on this blog the following two YouTube videos which are supposed to be the only surviving recordings from C.S. Lewis' famous wartime BBC radio addresses, that eventually were compiled into the book Mere Christianity.  So the following basically represents a rough, early, excerpt from that classic work of apologetics, and actually read by Lewis himself.  If you have ever wondered what the famous British academic sounds like...you can now hear that he sounds just like a very academic British fellow.  Lewis remains one of the strongest influences on my own understanding of the Christian message; may his deep and substantial thinking on matters of Christian faith enrich your own faith!

And here follows part 2:

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Anonymous wyclif said...

If only the unknown person who created the title captions for these videos could spell. I love the recordings but I'm afraid I can't share them because I can't stand sloppiness. I'll have to see if there are identical versions without the captions on YouTube. Thanks for posting, though, I enjoyed listening to them.

11:17 PM, July 03, 2012  

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