Church, homosexuality, and "the cause"

Here is a good post from Shane over at Wesley Report that hits on some issues relating to how The United Methodist Church currently fights about sexuality and homosexual practice. Fighting for "The Cause" (and I think this works 'for' and 'against' on this issue) can become our primary focus, which can only rightly be God himself. The comments on that post are especially good discussion that get into some of the assumptions made by people on each side of the fight. Please read and ponder them carefully.

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Anonymous Stephen said...

Interesting post, but Shane still likes to stir pots too much me thinks. (Coming from someone who used to read his blog way back in the day)

Change the focus from sexuality would have made it better. Like in this Bible Study I am doing on The Prodigal Son. I asked the question are we a church that is helping younger sons come to Jesus or we a church that helps older sons come to Jesus.

Everyone in the class answered Older Sons because they are like us. Younger sons (especially sexually deviant sons-Luke 15:30) scare us and make us mad.

While I fully agree with Shane that our focus should be on Christ and how we define ourselves is important. I think that he believes we must become older sons FIRST before we can come to Christ. Older sons have sins like pride and greed which are easy to cover. Younger Sons have sins of the flesh which are hard to cover.

10:32 AM, March 16, 2010  

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