Celebrating 10 years of Justification consensus

Protestants - Lutherans and Methodists in particular - and Roman Catholics are gathering in Old St. Patrick's Church, Chicago, today to celebrate 10 years of a consensus on the doctrine of Justification by Faith with the Roman Catholic Church.

Considered the most significant agreement since the Reformation, the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification was signed by the Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation on Oct. 31, 1999 in an effort to end centuries of doctrinal dispute.
"For hundreds of years, the issue of justification by faith divided Catholics and Protestants," said Bishop Gregory Palmer, president of The United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops, in a released statement. "This agreement celebrates consensus on the basic truths of the doctrine of justification."
Methodists joined the agreement in 2006 during a World Methodist Council meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

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