Church of England opposes euthanasia

I don't know if this is a new stand or not, other Christian communions have come out against euthanasia and medically assisted suicide long ago. But it is nice to hear some good news about the Church of England.

Click here to learn more. I was interested to read over the principles that form the base of this postion. It seems to me that these same principles apply to opposition to abortion in most cases as well:

Principles behind this position
• Personal autonomy and the protection of life are both important principles that are often complementary but sometimes compete.
• Personal autonomy must be principled and not without regard to others.
• Protection of life should take priority when there is a conflict between the two.
• When protection of life is impossible that does not undermine these principles.
• Every human being is uniquely and equally valuable, hence human rights are built on the foundation of the ‘right to life’, as is much of the criminal code.
• An obligation on society, doctors and nurses, to take life or to assist in the taking of life would create a new and unwelcome role for society.

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