Young people and Liturgy

Here is an interesting commentary from a worship leader that I hope will get some people thinking in new ways.

Some years ago he noticed that many young people in his contemporary mega-church seemed less engaged with the worship than their Baby Boomer parents. They were more interested in ancient practices and liturgy. Hopefully the desire to reconnect with the ancient practices of the Church and her liturgy among today's youth is beginning to be heard and understood by Church leaders (by and large this does not seem to be the case in my own Annual Conference, but we'll see).

At the same time, he discovered youth who were raised all their lives in liturgical churches often welcome new contemporary songs and music styles. The challenge is to integrate both the ancient and the contemporary.

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Blogger lehall said...

I want to read the article but the link points me to a blog about McCafe and the church. Any suggestions?

8:30 AM, May 12, 2009  
Blogger Daniel McLain Hixon said...

hey, I checked into it and apparently the links from Wesleyblog change rather frequently. I dug around and found the original article:


It is also being corrected in the text of my post.

9:27 AM, May 13, 2009  

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