Bishop Willimon on Abortion

Methodist Bishop Will Willimon was the featured preacher at a chapel service in The Methodist Building (next to the Supreme Court Building in D.C.) on January 21, the day of the National March for Life. The worship sevrice was sponsored by "LifeWatch" a pro-life Methodist group. I would love to find the entire sermon transcript if anyone has a link to it, here is an excerpt from the UMNS article:

When Willimon was a chaplain at Duke University, a graduate student interviewed women who had had abortions. Their No. 1 reason for doing so, they said, was that they felt they “had no other options.”

“Ironically, we call this freedom to choose,” the student remarked.

But for Bishop Willimon it pointed out a lack of imagination within the church. "The role of the church is to stoke, fund and fuel alternatives we could not have come up with if we looked only at the alternatives the world gives us,”

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