Anti-intellectualism and church

I've heard it in a myriad of different ways: "Don't give me all that theology, just give me Jesus." Or something to that effect. Of course that statement itself has a number of implicit theological claims embedded within it that are either true or false, but that is beside my point. Is there a widespread attitude of anti-intellectualism in our local churches?

I've just read a blog called Anti-intellectualism goes to church that critiques the largest segment of American Protestantism, namely Evangelicalism, for often failing to love God with our minds and therefore sinning against him.

The early church had a rigorous catechesis program, sometimes lasting up to 3 years, before one could be baptized (usually at Easter vigil) in which the catechumen learned not only how to live as a Christian, but what it meant to believe as a Christian, that is, he learned theology.

Placing one's trust in Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, implies that we first believe certain things about him (i.e. that he is worthy of our trust, for one). And so theology is never superflous, a nice pursuit for those who have the time and the gifts and the inclination to pursue it, it is absolutely necessary to be a God-honoring Christian who worships God with his mind.

Coming up next (possibly tommorow): "Why I am paleo-orthodox (and what I mean by that)"



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