Concern about Iran and Israel

Today we read that, in another overtly anti-Semitic public statement, Iranian President Ahmadinejad has (after the manner of a neo-Nazi) called the Holocaust a myth claiming (presumably on no evidence at all, but for ideological reasons) that it never happened. Ahmadinejad's remarks have incited yet another wave of international criticism, but as yet, no action.

Now as I read that story, it called to mind another that made the headlines just a few weeks ago when Iran's hardline president said that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Remember that?

Now of course, this sort of radical rhetoric, unhelpful as it may be, may all still be just chest thumping on the part of the (Shi'ite) Islamic Theocracy (Iran) who has more fully implemented "shariah" (Divine law) than any other Muslim country. But then, as I thought a little more, I remembered two other recent headlines that have been focused on Iran. One was just a few days ago: Russia sells an advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran.

Why Russia is allied to Iran, while other places like Afghanistan hate Russia, why Russia is building a nuclear reactor on Iranian soil, and why Russia is selling her advanced weaponry to Iran (more advanced than our own anti-aircraft systems, since our own new weapons development slowed down so much during the 90's) are all beyond my comprehension. But they are. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051202/ap_on_re_eu/russia_iran_arms_1

And we all know about the international concern that Iran is actively seeking nuclear weapons.

In other words, we may very soon (or already?) have an explicitly anti-Semitic Islamic Theocracy with nuclear weapons and mid-range delivery technology "just across the way" from Israel. This should be more than a little bit troubling, even for those of us who are not "blind supporters" of whatever Israel does.

It should also be remembered that Israel's military is nearly as advanced as our own (since we sold it to them) and is both experienced and effiicient. And of course, they too are rumored to have nuclear weapons. I think we should also keep in mind that Isreal, not so long ago, has shown a willingness to engage in pre-emptive attacks (and with great effectiveness) when they feel greatly threatened (does anyone remember "The Six-Day War"?).

I wonder just what would happen if Israel confirmed that this hostile regime in Iran was indeed poised to strike with nuclear weapons? Would a pre-emptive strike (even a nuclear strike) be on the table? What would happen if Israel decided to launch it? I suspect that Iran would be unprepared and pretty much decimated. But then, I wonder what the other (mostly Sunni Muslim) Middle Eastern nations in the area would do? How would they respond? It is a pretty scary situation that is developing right now.

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