New Video Series: Episode 1

I've been watching a number of pastors, theologians, and thinkers in other fields on YouTube for the last couple of years, and decided to try my hand at short topical videos pondering the 'big ideas' in theology, culture, philosophy, politics, etc.

Here is my first video; the second one is already on YouTube, but I want to try to figure out how to get a better camera resolution before I make a third one...

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Anonymous Ron Broussard said...

I liked this very much. Well thought out and well said!

8:24 PM, August 14, 2019  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree with above comment. I stumbled across your blogsite when I was looking up the word - Gloria Deo. I wanted to find a word that went with the initials GD, that were not related to God damning. I thought of Gloria Deo and looked it up on google, and your website popped up.

I was so happy to see an article titled 'cultural marxism' , because I just had a 'friendly' discussion with a lady at church today about this subject - or a variation of it. I'll spare you the details.

I(we-my husband and I) are conservative Christians, who can't in anyway understand how Christians can be leftists. It just breaks my heart, to tell you the truth. The killing of the unborn should be enough for any Christian to break away from the left... but, sadly enough, it is not. When you explain to a 'Christian' Democrat what the party promotes - killing of unborn children through all nine months and even infanticide, gay marriage, gov't welfare that is taking the place of husbands and fathers, programs that promote marxist goals, etc., it is mind boggling that they can say that they've always been democrat, so they're going to keep being democrat, even though you've just told them what that party is fighting for. Not to mention religious freedom, that is seriously in danger of being lost. (that was a long sentence!) Thank you for being willing to stand up for the truth Pastor! God bless you and multiply your efforts. We need much more clergy to stand up for the Truth.

Anyway, we loved your message and your written blog! God bless you! Keep up the work! There is so much to do - only God knows if we can ever get the foundational beliefs that this country was founded on, to be our foundation again. Praying for another miracle!

3:35 PM, October 13, 2019  

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