Don't have enough time?

In ministry, you hear - explicitly or implicitly - this complaint a lot from your parishoners.  You also say it a lot yourself: "I just don't have time."  I don't have time to attend/plan that additional church event.  I don't have time to read Scripture/pray/meditate like I know I should; I know God wants me to and I know I'll feel good if I do, I just don't seem to have time.

Of course, many of us feel like this when we work: we just don't seem to have enough time to get everything done that "needs doing" - and so we walk around (even when we are off work) with this monkey on our back, this unsettled feeling that things are "up in the air" (and out of control) somehow.

Here is an excellent article on productivity at work, but it bleeds over (as the article itself mentions) into issues of really relaxing in our "non-work" time and enjoying our volunteerism as well.  I originally got linked over to the following article from the Ministry Matters site - a great resource for pastors and church leaders.  So if you feel like your time is pressed, take a few moments to stop; breathe deeply; pray for inner peace; and then read this piece:

6 Subtle Things Highly Productive people do Every Day.


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