Methodists on the Eucharistic Spectrum

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Stepp has a nice piece at his blog considering a few of the major theological approaches to the sacrament of Holy Communion (Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Zwinglian, Calvinist, etc.) and exploring how the Wesleyan understanding is similar to and distinct from that of other churches. There follows some good discussion in the comments, so his post is worth the read.

There are now numerous sources for specifically Wesleyan/Methodist theological teaching and reflection on the sacrament of the Lord's Table. The 2004 (United Methodist) General Conference adopted "This Holy Mystery" as what we might call "official theological guidance and clarification" to help the church recover a more classical and Weslayan theology of the Lord's Supper. Of course, our foundational doctrinal statements on Holy Communion are to be found in the Articles of Religion (sec. 16, 18, & 19) and the Confession of Faith (sec. 6) in the Book of Discipline, and the Eucharistic hymns of the Wesleys form an important part of our theological tradition illuminating the mystery of the Lord's Supper.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Methodist communion as our churches are, albiet very slowly, beginning to recover some of the sacramental theology and practice of the Wesleys. May God help us open all the deep riches of our Biblical faith to many more in the coming years.

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