Me at Cox Chapel, Highland Park church

The "Gloria Deo" blog exists in part to help me and other Methodists/Wesleyans recover the catholicity - our ancient faith, liturgy, and sacramental piety - that was originally a part of the Methodist movement by virtue of its being within the Anglican church led by high churchmen such as the Wesley brothers.

There are many churches and worshiping communities within United Methodism today that are reappropriating our distinct Wesleyan and Anglican flavor of catholicity, one of which is the Cox Chapel community at Highland Park United Methodist Church, on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The picture on the far right of the title banner of this blog is a picture of worship in Cox Chapel taken during my seminary days, when I was a liturgist at the chapel.

It was a delight to return last weekend for a chance to preach at the chapel - the video is available here [look for the October 10 sermon by Daniel Hixon].



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good, Daniel.


7:35 PM, October 23, 2010  

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