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I have long held that the dichotomy that we create, between "contemporary" and "traditional" worship is simply wrong-headed. There are all sorts of worship styles that don't really fit into either category. And there are worship services (such as you will find at a Charismatic Episcopal Church) that use contemporary music and traditional liturgy at the same time. I hope we are learning for the "Emergent/ing" and the "Ancient/Future" folks that worship really is bigger and richer than that dichotomy.
Still, some of my readers may have the impression that I fall decidedly on the "traditional/liturgical" side of that dichotomy that I have just been rejecting as the only legitimate framework for thinking about worship. So, let me share with you some of the greatest worship leaders I know: Shane and Shane. I hesitate to call them my favorite "band" since they really are worship leaders and all of their concerts just turn out to be extended services of singing praise to our Lord.



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