Saint Patty's Day

March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day!

I have always been a little bit mystified by the celebration of St. Patrick's day as a minor holiday and in some places, a major holiday. In my mind it has always been kind of like St. Valentine's day: a day named after a saint that nobody knows much about and a day that has been turned into something that this saint probably does not approve of (as I understand it, Patrick was not a drunkard).

Christianity.com has a good article about St. Patrick's life if you, like me, do not know much about him.

As with other "Saints days" -- those days that various Christian groups set aside to remember the holy lives and Kingdom-contributions of certain saints -- there are scripture readings and prayers associated with Saint Patrick's Day. These readings include the "Great Commission" of Matthew 28, since Patrick is primarily remembered as an evangelist and missionary bishop; though for some reason this isn't often a central theme of Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.



Blogger Stephen said...

Pretty much in the same vain we give flowers at st valentines day instead of celebrating a guy who was decapacitated and then burned right? :)

5:16 PM, March 19, 2006  

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