The Economic$ of a Chri$tian nation?

I have spent some time in recent weeks and months fretting of the economic practices of our nation. We spend spend spend! Worse yet, we Charge Charge Charge!

It seems to me (and I hastily add that I have no training in economics) that we, as a people, live above our means by living on credit and by exploitive international economics. And I suspect, that such a mode of living is not infinitely sustainable.

Christians have since the days of Jesus' admonition to the rich young man to sell his possessions always felt that the holy life is one of material simplicity. We need not have much or spend much. If that is the Christian ideal, then in this aspect, the US must be of the anti-Christ. We spend more time in our churches explaining why Jesus couldn't possibly mean that we should obey that command in a literal fashion than we do actually seeking to live simply.

John Wesley taught his followers to 'earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.' Modern Americans neither give nor save as much as previous generations, we rather borrow all we can so that we may indulge ourselves all we can.

Something is wrong.
It is time for us to think of ways of being radically different. I firmly believe that Christianity, especially that which seeks to evangelize for the kingdom, MUST be holistic. If Jesus is Lord of my conversion experience or my church-going he must also be Lord of my credit cards.

Reading this somewhat alarming article is a good place to start thinking about what the problems might be:

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