Why I am not a Pacifist (from C.S. Lewis)

I love these CS Lewis Doodles. 
 Here is one on a topic that I addressed in one of my videos a while back. 
This has application not only for Lewis' immediate situation (his country was at war, but some were electing not to serve because they were Pacifists), but also to the more general question of the use of violent force to defend justice, or to defend the weak and the helpless from the ravages of wicked actors. 
Scripturally, we see that both in his heavenly court (Ps. 82:4) and in his ordaining of human authorities (Rom. 13), God calls upon the strong to use their strength to restrain evil and protect the weak.  As Lewis mentions, this has been the consensus understanding of the universal church for many centuries.

CS Lewis: "Why I am not a pacifist"

Pt. 1:


 Pt. 2:


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